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With a vision to produce high quality Italian style cheese in Nelson, by combining the know-how of a cheese master from Italy with the most natural ingredients from New Zealand. ViaVio was born…with a very short history this far, it is one full of coincidences, passion and very diverse skills. We, Flavio and Flavia, are both from Rome; we are passionate about food and rugby. Flavia has spent the past 25 years as a Top executive in an International Company. Flavio used to play professional rugby in Italy and briefly played rugby here in NZ (With Belfast Club and Marlborough Red Devils) – After many visits to NZ and talks with NZ friends, we were looking for a new life in this nice Country. However, what to do in this new life? Being Italian, we are passionate about high quality food and thought NZ was lacking a wide variety of high quality Cheese, especially Italian style cheeses. After intensive market research in NZ on milk and Farmers, using consultancy support from cheese experts, we found in Nelson a little Italian cheese venture, which was looking for new owners. With this came the opportunity to collaborate with Oaklands Farm in Nelson. This local source would provide a supply of fully traceable, quality milk from A2-tested cows. An Italian Cheese Master was brought from Italy and the adventure started! Last but not least, to be an Italian style cheese producer we needed an Italian sounding brand name which encapsulated our short story and would help build a brilliant future: ViaVio comes from the last part of our names, Flavia and Flavio, and conjures the image of historic traditional artisanal Italian brands proudly alongside the New Zealand 4 stars of the Southern Cross.

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